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Early Years Literacy

There are many ways to encourage a child’s vocabulary development; the most important and effective way is through reading and writing. Reading is a complex process which takes time – it is based on building a wide vocabulary through listening and talking. Through learning about sounds and how these can be represented in writing children become aware of phoneme-grapheme correspondences and the skills of forming graphemes to write words and sentences which can be read.

This exclusive supplement is available free when you register for Practical Pre-School incorporating Child Care magazine. It contains a range of activities and resources which tie in with the Literacy requirements of the revised EYFS and allows you to easily match your planning to the EYFS points that you need to cover.

As well as providing practitioners with resources and activities which will lay the foundations for later reading skills, the supplement will show you how children can have fun with books and stories by creating their own journals and diaries and becoming part of a story themselves. In addition, it will help you revolutionize the use of outside areas with inspirational ideas for taking literacy beyond your setting.

Among other things, this literacy supplement will provide you with activities and resources which will help children:

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