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Expressive Arts and Design

Children's creativity must be extended by the provision of support for their curiosity, exploration and play. They must be provided with opportunities to explore and share their thoughts, creativity, ideas and feelings, for example, through a variety of art, music, movement, dance, imaginative and role-play activities, mathematics, and design and technology.

This exclusive supplement is available free when you register for Practical Pre-School incorporating Child Care magazine. It contains a range of activities and resources which tie in with the Creative Development requirements of the revised EYFS and allows you to easily match your planning to the EYFS points that you need to cover.

The supplement will supply you with a host of fun and developmentally appropriate creative ideas for you to try with the children in your setting. It will also provide group activity plans which will help them practice and develop skills such as sharing, turn taking, talking and listening. In addition, the supplement looks at how good observational skills are a vital learning tool that can intensify a child’s ability to create ideas, feelings and imagination.

Among other things, this expressive arts and design supplement will provide you with activities and resources which will help children:

  • Express and communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings by using a wide range of materials and tools, movement, and a variety of songs and musical instruments
  • Explore and experience using a range of senses and movement
  • Talk about personal intentions and respond to comments and questions
  • Begin to be interested in and describe the texture of things
  • Differentiate marks and movements on paper
  • Respond in a variety of ways to what they see, hear, smell, touch and feel
  • Explore colour, texture, shape, form and space in two or three dimensions
  • Recognise and explore how sounds can be changed
  • Use their imagination in art and design, music, dance, imaginative and role-play stories
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