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Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Children must be provided with experiences and support which will help them to develop self esteem, respect for others, social skills, and a disposition to learn. Practitioners must ensure support for children's emotional well-being to enable them to develop and fulfil their potential.

This exclusive supplement is available free when you register for Practical Pre-School incorporating Child Care magazine. It contains a range of activities and resources which tie in with the Personal, Social and Emotional Development requirements of the revised EYFS and allows you to easily match your planning to the EYFS points that you need to cover.

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The supplement looks at ways to promote children’s interest in learning. It also focuses on how practitioners can support the development of children’s self image to build their confidence and self-esteem, as well as looking at issues such as behaviour and self-control, the role that relationships and community play in young children’s lives.

Among other things, this Personal, Social and Emotional Development supplement will provide you with activities and resources which will help children:

  • Develop an understanding and awareness of themselves
  • Learn that they are special through the responses of adults to individual differences and similarities
  • Begin to develop self-confidence and a belief in themselves
  • Make relationships and bond with others
  • Enjoy the company of others and learn by interacting
  • Manage their own feelings and behaviour
  • Become more aware that choices have consequences
  • Show willingness to tackle problems and enjoy self-chosen challenges
  • Be confident to try new activities, initiate ideas and be interested, excited and motivated to learn

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